Cold Laser Therapy: A Non-invasive Treatment Alternative You Can Trust

Cold laser therapy is an alternate treatment to a lot of invasive treatments in the medical world. It’s a treatment wherein the tissues are exposed to a low level of red and near-infrared light. The levels of a laser are low compared to that of other laser therapies that give out a lot of heat, burning your tissues even more. Those high power lasers are usually used in treatments where the expert have to make an incision in the body.

There are many names of cold laser therapy in the medical field, out of which low-intensity laser light therapy is one. It is also known as soft laser therapy or low-power laser therapy by experts who use it to treat knee joint pain. This therapy is usually used by experts to treat knee pain that is caused due to a severe injury or osteoarthritis.

Experts like Dr. Aaron Richardet believe that there are different wavelengths designed for treating specific conditions. There is no one wavelength that suit all conditions because every case has different requirements. During cold laser treatments, the light energy travels right through your skin to the damaged knee joint. It can easily penetrate about two to five centimeters into your tissues, where it activates a perfect physiological reaction. The reaction is known to reduce the inflammation and also improve the circulation and promote healing to a greater extent.

How does cold laser therapy treat the knee pain without any cut or blood?

Cold laser therapy is not a complex therapy which requires you to visit the hospital. It can work out very well in a clinical setting. A small device emitting the laser is used by the experts to carry out the therapy. Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment, so it doesn’t require a patient to undergo invasive treatments and hefty medical bills. A lot of doctors provide laser protective eye wear to their patients so that the laser doesn’t go in their eye by any chance.

The expert will hold the device near to your knee or touch your skin for about 30 seconds to few minutes depending on the injury. The time range that an expert will hold the laser to your skin varies from size to size of the area being treated.

The light energy from the device will simply pass through the skin touching the damaged tissues. The light energy that is traveling to your tissues will help lessen inflammation and boost regeneration of the injured tissue. It definitely takes more than one treatment to see good and satisfying results. The cold laser treatment sessions vary according to the level of knee injury you are suffering from.

The procedure doesn’t hurt at all because the expert does not need to cut open your knee to fix the problem. Medical professionals like Dr. Aaron Richardet request patients to not have unrealistic expectation before the start of the procedure. It is only going to disappointment them if they have unrealistic expectations that do not turn out well. Talk to your expert and estimate the results of the treatments before investing in a procedure.


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